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Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock (ESL / ELV) Emulator + Programming Service

(11 customer reviews)


Introducing the ultimate solution for a failing Steering Lock for Mercedes Models: W204 C-Class, X204 GLK, 172 SLK, and 207 E-Class Coupes!
Say goodbye to the inconvenience and frustration of a failing steering lock. Our state-of-the-art emulator is designed to replace your vehicle’s faulty steering lock entirely, ensuring a smooth and reliable driving experience.
When a steering lock reaches the end of its lifespan, it can result in a no-crank condition, causing none of the dashboard lights to turn on, steering wheel to remain locked and displaying a message like “Remove Key / Don’t forget your key” on the cluster.
In addition, the vehicle may store the following fault codes :
B2254 Column Lock Module Internal.
A22449 The electronic ignition lock has a malfunction. There is an internal electrical fault.
A25407 The electric steering lock has a malfunction. There is a mechanical fault.
A25409 The electric steering lock has a malfunction. There is a component fault.
A25408 The electric steering lock malfunction. There is a signal fault or the message is faulty.
A25464 The electric steering lock has a malfunction. There is an implausible signal.
What is a steering lock emulator? It is a device that emulates the electronic signals the vehicle needs to receive in order to operate, but since it does not contain any mechanical parts as the original steering lock, nothing can wear out and fail.
Our Steering Lock Emulator provides a permanent solution for this common issue, ensuring that it will never fail again. Compatible with the Mercedes W204 C-Class, X204 GLK, 172 SLK, and 207 E-Class Coupes, our emulator is tailored to meet the specific needs of these vehicles.
To get started, simply send us your EIS (ignition switch) and a functional key fob. Our expert technicians will program the emulator to match your vehicle’s unique specifications and promptly ship your parts back to you. No further programming or coding will be needed! Emulator is Plug and Play!
Please read the FAQs below, it may answer any questions you may have. You can also chat with us at any time!
Invest in peace of mind and secure driving with our Steering Lock Emulator – the ultimate solution for your Mercedes-Benz.

You are responsible to ship us your ignition switch and key(s), we offer discounted shipping labels or you can purchase your own!
Enter your full 17 digit VIN
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To complete your purchase, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1:   Complete the checkout.

Step 2:  Remove your Ignition Switch from your Vehicle, pack your ignition switch and key safely in a padded box with the print out of the order confirmation.
Step 3:  Ship the package to the address below;
                            Y Tech
                 45 South Park Pl
                         Suite 102
                    Morristown, NJ, 07960
* If you purchased a label from us, it will be emailed to you within 30 minutes of checkout time. 
Step 4:  Send us tracking information for the package (only if you arranged your own shipping).
Frequently Asked Questions:
-Do I need to send all of my key fobs?
No, we only use the keys for testing the system after the emulator is programmed, the programming we do does not change any of the key programming – this means the original keys will work.
Do I need to remove my original steering lock when installing the emulator? 
Yes, the emulator is designed to replace a faulty steering lock. You need to remove the faulty steering lock from your column.
Do I need to send in my old steering lock? 
No, we don’t need your steering lock. If you do send it in, it will not be returned (because of shipping weight limit).
-Does the emulator change any of the vehicle functions? Do I lose any features by replacing the electromechanical steering lock with an emulator?
No, you don’t lose any features aside from the steering wheel lock.


Some steering lock part numbers this emulator is designed to replace: 2049005912 , 2045450632 , 2045455732 , 2045458132 A2049005912 , A2045450632 , A2045455732 , A2045458132


Processing Time:

Upon receipt of your EIS and key, your steering lock emulator will be dispatched promptly, ensuring it leaves our facility either on the same day or the subsequent business day.

Warranty :

We stand by the quality of our emulators with a comprehensive 1-year replacement warranty. This hassle-free coverage is contingent upon our evaluation, offering you peace of mind with your purchase.

Technical Support:

With the purchase of your control unit comes the added benefit of professional technical support. Our skilled engineers will be available for a period of 14 business days following your purchase, providing expert assistance through email to ensure a seamless integration and operation of your control unit.

11 reviews for Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock (ESL / ELV) Emulator + Programming Service

  1. Mark Thompson (verified owner)

    Y Tech is a game changer! Their emulator for the ESL module in my Mercedes works perfectly. Fast service, and they even fixed my key fob. Absolutely worth the investment for peace of mind.

  2. Samantha Davis (verified owner)

    Impressive service from Y Tech! After my Mercedes’ steering lock failed, I was stuck. Y Tech’s emulator solution was a lifesaver. Quick turnaround and now my car runs better than ever. A big thank you to the team!

  3. Alex Johnson (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to send my Mercedes’ EIS to an online vendor, but Y Tech exceeded my expectations. They efficiently replaced my faulty ESL with a reliable emulator, and even provided a spare key fob. My car now starts flawlessly. Highly recommend their services!

  4. Emily Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Sending my car’s components to an online vendor was scary, but Y Tech was trustworthy and efficient. The ESL emulator works like a charm, and the added bonus of a new key fob was a pleasant surprise. Great job, Y Tech!

  5. Michael Lee (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience with Y Tech. They quickly replaced the faulty ESL in my Mercedes with an emulator. Car starts beautifully, and the service was top-notch. Will definitely use them again for any future needs.

  6. John Smith (verified owner)

    My experience with Y Tech was outstanding. After encountering the common ESL module issue with my Mercedes, I was worried. Y Tech offered an ESL emulator solution, which was quick and efficient. The process was hassle-free, and they also programmed a new key. Now, my car runs smoother than ever. I am truly impressed with their service. Will definitely recommend them.

  7. Patrick Flautt

    I recently experienced the failure of the mechanical Electronic Steering Lock (ESL module) in my Mercedes 2014 C63. This component is well known to fail at any point in the service life of a Mercedes and can leave you stranded with a locked steering wheel in the middle of nowhere.

    After much research online, I ended up choosing Y Tech from dozens of vendors offering similar services to replace the mechanical ESL (prone to failure) with an ESL emulator that will never fail.

    With my only choice being the dealership and getting the same mechanical ESL installed which could fail again in the future, an emulator was clearly the way to go. But, what about shipping your EIS (ignition module) and your key fob to some random company you found online? It’s hard to trust any vendor with irreplaceable components from your car in order to program an ESL emulator.

    Well, I am glad I trusted Y Tech with this job. They received my EIS and key fob and turned around an ESL emulator in under 2 business days. They even programmed me a spare key fob to replace one of mine that had failed a year ago.

    So, why a 5 star review? Well, my car started beautifully with this new ESL module installed today. This vendor did exactly what he promised he’d do and the added peace of mind I now have driving with a module that won’t randomly fail on me in the future is worth every penny.

    I’ll be back for more services from this vendor. You can count on it!

  8. Lisa Green (verified owner)

    My experience with Y Tech was exceptional. After encountering the common ESL module issue with my Mercedes, I was frustrated. Y Tech offered an ESL emulator solution, which was professionally handled. The process was straightforward, and they also gave me a discount on future services. Now, my car starts without any issues. I am very satisfied with their service. Great job, Y Tech!

  9. Gigi Gbabies

    First Class service!
    Y-Tech supplied an Emulator to bypass a faulty steering lock control module, reprogrammed the EIS & 2 original keys, for my ‘14 Mercedes c250/w204. He had this done & headed back to me, in Fla, before 24hrs had passed. I can honestly say, it was the fastest turn around time Ive experienced, in Any product supply & repair situation. He answered a cpl questions my mechanic had, without reservation or hesitance, truly all around Great service! A++++.
    My only complaint is they’re not physically closer to me…If I were in VA, Y-tech would be the only automotive service & repair company I’d utilize.

  10. John K. (verified owner)

    Just perfect!

  11. Patrick Foreman (verified owner)

    Cannot Thank y-tech enough for their service. Never thought the car would run again if I’m honest. However, thanks to y-tech, not only is it running again, will never have this problem again. If you are in need of this type of repair do not hesitate to employee y-tech, fast service, great communication. Absolutely top notch.

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