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2011-2016 BMW 528i 528xi Xdrive F10 Remanufactured MEVD1724 MEVD17.2.4 DME


Remanufactured, Upgraded Bosch MEVD1724 / MEVD17.2.4 designed for the subsequent years, make, chassis, models, and engines: 2011-2016 / BMW / F10 / 528i 528xi /  N20 ,  2.0 Liters Turbo I4 .

This ECM is fully ‘Plug and Play’!

Compatible part numbers include but not limited to:


7635715 , 7626111 , 7635715 , 7626111 , 7649123 , 7644748 , 7646764 , 7643313 , 7638888 , 7637482 , 7631043

Bosch :


0261S06398, 0261S06399, 0261S06400, 0261S06918, 0261S06919, 0261S06935, 0261S06936, 0261S07002, 0261S07003, 0261S07028, 0261S07029, 0261S07030, 0261S07031, 0261S07125, 0261S07126, 0261S07132, 0261S07133, 0261S07191, 0261S07192, 0261S07219, 0261S07222, 0261S07294, 0261S07307, 0261S07326, 0261S07327, 0261S07328, 0261S07329, 0261S07451, 0261S07452, 0261S07453, 0261S07454, 0261S07487, 0261S07625, 0261S07626, 0261S07627, 0261S07707, 0261S07708, 0261S07709, 0261S07737, 0261S07738, 0261S07782, 0261S07852, 0261S07886, 0261S07887, 0261S07888, 0261S07901, 0261S07902, 0261S07937, 0261S07938, 0261S08027, 0261S08028, 0261S08032, 0261S08033, 0261S08039, 0261S08040, 0261S08045, 0261S08083, 0261S08084, 0261S08085, 0261S08086, 0261S08128, 0261S08132, 0261S08254, 0261S08255, 0261S08258, 0261S08259, 0261S08322, 0261S08323, 0261S08338, 0261S08383, 0261S08440, 0261S08442, 0261S08470, 0261S08471, 0261S08515, 0261S08516, 0261S08521, 0261S08523, 0261S08601, 0261S08602, 0261S08607, 0261S08609, 0261S08834, 0261S08995, 0261S09006, 0261S09491, 0261S11272, 0261S11275, 0261S11277, 0261S11278, 0261S11283, 0261S11888, 0261S11889, 0261S11908, 0261S11909, 0261S11910, 0261S12021


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Remanufactured, Upgraded Bosch MEVD1724 / MEVD17.2.4 designed for the subsequent years, make, chassis, models, and engines: 2011-2016 / BMW / F10 / 528i 528xi /  N20 ,  2.0 Liters Turbo I4 .

Prior to purchasing this ECM, kindly verify the compatible part numbers under the ‘Part Numbers’ section above. If not located, use the search function above or reach out to us for assistance.

This ECM is fully ‘Plug and Play’!

Plug and Play Configuration : Control unit will arrive pre-programmed, requiring no further programming upon installation. We will extract the data from your original control unit and program it to the replacement control unit making it ‘plug and play’. With this option the original control unit does need to be sent it upfront – a shipping label will be provided upon purchase.

! Kindly note that defective items and cores will not be returned !

! Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to get in touch with us !

1. Enter Your Vehicle Information:

  • Provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) , complete the checkout.

2. For Plug and Play Service:

  • After selecting this option, you will receive a shipping label via email.
  • Use this label to mail your original Engine Control Module (DME / DDE) , CAS and at least 1 Key to our laboratory.

3. Quick Turnaround Time:

  • Once we receive your DME / DDE , we will prepare and ship the remanufactured DME / DDE back to you within one business day.

Processing Time:

For Plug and Play Configuration – Upon receipt of your original control unit, your remanufactured unit will be dispatched promptly, ensuring it leaves our facility either on the same day or the subsequent business day.

Warranty :

We stand by the quality of our control units with a comprehensive 1-year replacement warranty. This hassle-free coverage is contingent upon our evaluation, offering you peace of mind with your purchase.

Technical Support:

With the purchase of your control unit comes the added benefit of professional technical support. Our skilled engineers will be available for a period of 14 business days following your purchase, providing expert assistance through email to ensure a seamless integration and operation of your control unit.


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