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ECU Cloning & Virginizing

Y Tech Automotive Solutions is your go-to provider for all your engine computer needs. We are proud to offer our customers the latest in engine computer technology, including cloning and virginization services.

ECU cloning is a process where we create a copy of the memory within one hardware to the other. With recent processor security functionality introduced by semiconductor manufacturers, a one-time program area was introduced, making cloning impossible for most. However, our team of expert engineers has found a solution to this problem, and we can clone most ECUs without a problem.
Our team of skilled technicians uses state-of-the-art equipment and industry-standard techniques to ensure that your ECU cloning is done to the highest quality and meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Our services are designed to be both efficient and cost-effective, saving you both time and money.

We also offer virginization of ECUs, which is a process where we renew used hardware to be programmed as if it’s new. This is especially useful for customers who are looking to upgrade their vehicles or for those who want to replace their old or damaged ECUs. Our team has the skills and knowledge to provide you with the best virginization services available, ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

At Y Tech Automotive Solutions, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that your vehicle’s engine computer needs are met. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with the best possible solutions for your needs.

In addition to our ECU cloning and virginization services, we also offer a wide range of other automotive services, including module services, programming and coding of modules, and more.

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